Global Metaverse City Construction Game – Akita Inu King ATK Launched

According to official news, Akitaking (ATK) is jointly strategically invested by the well-known American COINBASE, Binance PAN-CAKESWAP, and Singapore ENSEMBLE CAPITAL. These exchanges have many inherent investors and bring the highest-end value guarantee to ATK.

ATK’s Chinese name is Akita Inuwang, total circulation: 100 trillion pieces, 99% will be destroyed at one time before going online, the remaining 1 trillion pieces, and the transaction fee will be 14% (2% burn, 2% return, 2% prize pool, 8% dynamic), The world’s first super destruction mechanism, the latest multiple dividend mechanism, short-term goals, 10,000 times start.

ATK is the first NFT-based battle game on Binance Smart Chain, focusing on game economy, scalability and sustainability, and rewarding players with cryptocurrency through game rewards. Buyers use USDT or (ATK) to buy characters, upgrade, upgrade equipment, buy various items and complete battle missions to get USDT rewards. ATK will realize the reconstruction of the real world by the metaverse.

The only official contract address




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