• Industry Special! CoinW announces free BTC transaction fees

    “Difficult tasks are tackled from where it is easy, and great undertakings have small beginnings”, from the Tao-te Ching, chapter 63. On July 5, 2022, CoinW announced to its global users that BTC transactions fee are free. It is reported that CoinW is the first leading exchange in the world to announce free BTC transaction fee. As we all know, as the world’s most emerging industry, the fintech sector brings together the world’s best talent. And exchanges are one of the most lucrative business models in the fintech industry, and for…

  • NEWXX will jointly release NFT with a well-known design DAO.Contribute to the ecologically sound development

    According to the official news, NEWXX Foundation will jointly issue NFT with famous design DAO in limited quantity, and users who get NXX-NFT can collect, auction or pledge NFT to get more NXX revenue. NEWXX Foundation and its partners around the world have been adhering to the core values of value investment and long-term and robust development strategy. In the period of crypto asset downturn and turbulence, the platform operates a robust and unique non-loss mining mechanism through its core technology to empower more users to maintain their mainstream crypto…

  • Next Big Wave – Ventures DAO

    Next “Big Wave” – Ventures DAO   Traditional venture capital market is monopolized by big institutions. Retail investors rarely have access to all the important information. Ventures DAO provides retail investors an equal opportunity to participate in potential projects. The nature of a Ventures DAO bootstraps a loyal community as DAO members are incentivized to support portfolio projects. Top-down decision making approach is used by traditional venture capital, where decision-making process occurs at the highest level and is then communicated to the rest of the team. DAO on the other hand…

  • Children in Nigeria who need basic necessities have been given supplies by CoinW Public Welfare Action

    CoinW shows that it has empathy for the problems of the poor in Africa and donates aid and relief materials, to raise awareness of the brand’s purpose. On June 13, the African team of CoinW (www.coinw.com), the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform, and some volunteers from the crypto community pays a visit to Living Fountain Orphanage in Lagos, Nigeria, with a batch of charity supplies for the children to show their love and care. Covid-19 exacerbates poverty in Africa. Due to the economic impacts brought by the Covid-19 epidemic, poverty…

  • After August 30, 2022, the reward rules for users participating in TSwap node PK will be changed

    After August 30, 2022, the reward rules for users participating in TSwap node PK are changed as follows:   The users need to pay intention fee of 1wU.   For the users participating in PK, the reward will be changed from 1,000wq to 500wq.   For the users participating in node PK, the gift for purchase of 1,000wq will be changed from 600wq to 300wq.   For the users winning node PK, the gift will be changed from 10,000wq to 5,000wq.   For the users winning node PK, the reward…

  • RISE OF UNIVERSE: the blockchain game star in 2022

    In 2022, the NFT project entered a new outbreak stage, the gamefi track was fully hot, and the play to earn mode promoted the development of blockchain games to a new height. However, at present, most blockchain games in the world are still in the white paper stage, and the vast majority of blockchain games are still in a simple game introduction, with no actual games to play. Strictly speaking, such a blockchain game is not a real blockchain game, but a scam in the name of blockchain game. Therefore,…

  • Nature Dao, a crypto-era natural UN is on the rise

    The Metaverse has brought endless imagination to the encryption industry, and it has also really promoted the development of the industry. As the natural organizational structure of blockchain participants, DAO has an unparalleled fit with the blockchain. At the end of 2021, institutionDAO launched a crowdfunding auction for the governance token people, a copy of the U.S. Constitution, which set off an industry frenzy and quickly went out of the circle; at the same time, the profile of the official Twitter @sequoia of Sequoia Capital, the world’s top venture capital…

  • METASUMERU participated in the NFT GAMEFI Metaverse 2022 Annual Summit

    The NFT, gamefi, metaverse summit, jointly organized by AC Capital, CoinVoice, Asia Token Fund & Block Tides, will be held on May 1 at Cove Manila, the largest indoor beach club in the Philippine Capital Region, and will be the biggest metaverse-themed summit ever held in Southeast Asia. Over 1,000 attendees are expected to be on hand to participate in the various themed sessions.   METASUMERU is happy to join AFKDAO, Arcus Game, BabyShark BubbleFong Friends, CoinEx, Covenant Child, Crypto.com Capital, Gala Games, Kaloscope, Magnus Capital, Mecha Morphing and more…

  • Coinbetter: The UST death spiral is approaching, where is the future of algorithmic stablecoins?

    On May 10, Bitcoin accelerated its downward trend, falling below $30,000 at one point, and the lowest dropped to $29,767, a new low since July 19, 2021. As of writing, the price has rebounded, and the current price is $31,486.43.     In addition to the market, the algorithmic stable currency UST has won the attention of the market. On May 10, UST was seriously de-anchored and once fell to 0.6090 USDT; according to the Coinbetter data, it is now reported at 0.7968 USDT, with a 24H decline of 12.2%….

  • IBN Corp Ltd Announces Strategic Collaboration With Infinite Virtual Space

    IBN Corp Ltd has confirmed that its partnership with Infinite Virtual Space (IVS) will commence from 9th March,2022. This strategic collaboration seeks to bridge real estate and economies of virtual world and physical world by bringing together IBN Corp’s unparalleled experience and insight in the real estate industry as well as the metaverse real estate and digital knowledge of IVS. This new digital innovation collaboration enables IBN Corp to further strengthen its brand position as a top property developer in Southeast Asia. Wangqi, the Deputy Head of Innovation and Technology…