Coinfans Cloud hashrate leads the digital mining Bitcoin bull market feast

Cloud hashrate mining has become the mining choice of more and more miners in the past two years. Especially in the current period when currency prices continue to soar and break new highs continuously, Cloud hashrate mining has become an important magic weapon to seize the Bitcoin bull market. Cloud hashrate mining, as the name suggests, usually refers to the computing power leasing service provided by large mining farms. Miners users can purchase computing power contracts on the mining platform, thereby earning the bitcoins mined by the corresponding computing power.

Coinfans Cloud hashrate leads the digital mining Bitcoin bull market feast (Coinfans Cloud hashrate)


For Cloud hashrate mining providers, this is equivalent to locking in revenue in advance and transferring risks. For miners, they can avoid the troubles of purchasing physical mining machines, mining machine settings, and mining noise caused by their own mining, and can save the cumbersome steps of paying electricity bills and maintaining mining machines.


The Bitcoin mining model is now different from a few years ago. In the past, miners needed to buy mining machines, buy graphics cards, and find a place to place the mining machines before they could mine to gain bitcoin income. By purchasing computing power on the Cloud hashrate platform, you can directly participate in mining, mining machine maintenance, environmental sites, electricity consumption, operation and other chores, investors do not need to manage all of them, and the Cloud hashrate platform will do it for you in one stop.


In many Cloud hashrate mining platforms, CoinFans Cloud hashrate provides real and efficient Cloud hashrate mining services, which is deeply supported and trusted by the majority of investors in the mining circle. So what are the advantages of CoinFans Cloud hashrate? Let’s learn about it together.


CoinFans has acquired Singapore Hash Capital, Hong Kong Consensus Fund, Singapore BrahmaVC, Exchange Union’s BTC investment, and built 12 domestic mines. It is the largest Cloud hashrate platform in Asia. Total 900MW. It can light up 600,000 mining machines and provide real computing power guarantee.


As the leading Cloud hashrate mining platform, CoinFans Mine has spent hundreds of millions of RMB to build multiple mines around the world with a total of 900MW since 2013. It can light up 600,000 mining machines, and the hashes provided are all real computing power, all provided by domestic mines and overseas mines.

Coinfans Cloud hashrate leads the digital mining Bitcoin bull market feast (Coinfans Cloud hashrate)


CoinFans mine has strategic cooperation with well-known mining machine manufacturers. The mining machines in the layout are all the world-renowned mining machines such as Ant mining machine, Avalon mining machine, and core mining machine, which are directly connected to the mining machine factory channel. At the same time, the CoinFans mine set up a professional operation and maintenance team to carry out mine maintenance to ensure that the mine is uninterrupted for mining 7×24 hours and 100% of the mining machines are trouble-free and stable. It is worth mentioning that users can check the mining revenue at any time on the CoinFans ( platform, which ensures the authenticity and reliability of user revenue. Therefore, CoinFans has always been trusted by investors. At present, there are nearly 100,000 registered users at home and abroad, and there are a large number of overseas customers in Europe, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.


CoinFans leads a new era of Cloud hashrate mining


The CoinFans Cloud hashrate platform provides mining services such as Cloud hashrate mining, mining machine leasing, and mining machine hosting for domestic and foreign miners, which fully meets the different mining needs of miners. CoinFans Cloud hashrate has a low purchase threshold and strong flexibility. Users only need to purchase 1T of hashrate at least, and then according to the amount of hashrate purchased, they can get the corresponding bitcoins. The income of the purchase on the same day can be credited to the account. The user is in the CoinFans mining APP The previous one is clear. And this is one of the reasons why the user stickiness of CoinFans platform has always been high.


CoinFans mines are currently online, including Antminer S19, Xindongminer A10Pro+, Whatsminer M21S, and Avalon 1047. According to CoinFans mines, there are currently 12 mines in the world. The field has lighted up 100,000 mining machines, and the CoinFans mine will continue to expand its scale, enrich the types of mining machines, and meet the mining needs of more miners.


In the Bitcoin bull market, mining is the cheapest way to obtain Bitcoin. For miners who are worried about the hashrate being stolen in mining, choosing CoinFans Cloud hashrate mining is a relatively safe method, which is different from the vulnerabilities of other platforms. In the CoinFans mine, as long as you choose hashrate lease, Can directly purchase Cloud hashrate for Bitcoin mining. Once the order is placed, the platform will immediately begin to calculate the mining revenue of Cloud hashrate. According to the bitcoin price and the computing power of the whole network, the actual mining income is reflected in your account income every day. Daily settlement, users can withdraw cash, investment and income data at any time. It is clear at a glance in your Cloud hashrate background, open and transparent. Allows you to mine efficiently and earn income easily.


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