The meaning of MAS——Privacy-the most important unicorn in the DEFI world!

In2020, the market in the encrypted world is completely driven by DEFI.The reason why DeFi can produce such a huge boost is mainly becauseit can meet the real needs of the market with actual products.

The meaning of MAS——Privacy-the most important unicorn in the DEFI world!

DEXsuch as Sushiswap provides a realistic pricing mechanism forlong-tail assets by simplifying the market-making model; through decentralized lending, Compound has created a basic production modelfor basic financial assets; the curve, which focuses on stable currency exchange, has found another way. The “lending + LP”compound financial product model has enabled the establishment ofDeFi’s financial attributes; and has also integrated active investment and lending through liquidity mining, and a veryclear decentralized map has been presented. In front of the market.

The outbreak of DeFi will greatly promote the progress of blockchain applications. However, with the continuous expansion of DeFi usergroups, the problem of privacy protection of financial assettransaction information has become increasingly prominent, and thesignificance of privacy protection as the last piece of the DeFicomplete ecology has become more prominent. #MAS is based on theoriginal paillier homomorphic encryption protocol, which is moresecure without credible presets, supports smart contracts and can beexpanded, and will play an important role in the DeFi ecosystem.Recently, MAS is about to launch a test version, the main module MAS-PRE

It will realize the cross-chain transfer of Ethereum, provide atechnical bridge for the aggregation of the DeFi ecological trafficof the Ethereum ecology and other financial attributes, and also opena new application space for MAS.

The meaning of MAS——Privacy-the most important unicorn in the DEFI world!

Decentralized trading projects like sushiswap have achieved rapid success throughout 2020. The reason is actually very simple: users like toacquire new assets around the clock, and all of this does not requirean account to be registered.

Ibelieve that precisely because of their open and free nature, the popularity of these trading agreements will only continue to increasefrom here.

The meaning of MAS——Privacy-the most important unicorn in the DEFI world!

DEX will be greatly rooted in the mainstream society, and itsencryption-centric complexity will be simplified by then. This is oneof the most obvious predictions for the next 10 years. Thesesolutions will turn the bright stars in the emerging niche ecosysteminto a new model of global finance.

Onthe other hand, Bitcoin tokens based on ERC20 have achieved explosive growth this year, thanks in large part to the application of thesetokens in DeFi scenarios.

At present, there are 69,000 BTC tokens on Ethereum, and the rate ofincrease has not slowed down, which is 0.326% of the total supply of21 million BTC. Then we boldly make a hypothesis that at a certaintime in the future, the crypto world will have a major turning pointno less than the “industrial revolution, Internet revolution”.More than 51% of bitcoins will run on Ethereum, that is, more thanhalf of BTC. Quantity.

Inthis sense, in the end, only Ethereum may become the de facto expansion solution for BTC. This possibility may make some Bitcoinplayers feel uneasy at this time, but as time goes on, I guess moreand more users will not care, and this relationship will continue.

Then,DEFI, as the lifeblood factor that determines the future ecology of ETH, its development can be said to be crucial. And privacy is the lifeblood of the growing crypto world.

The popularity of DeFi has only increased, but after the enthusiasm, theonly products that can be left in the end are just-needed products.The positioning of MAS in privacy protection DeFi allows the MASmarket to cover all aspects of DeFi, Dapp, and public chains. Strongdemand forms a strong consensus. In the field of privacy protection,the theory of MAS privacy technology is the world’s top with unlimited potential.

The meaning of MAS——Privacy-the most important unicorn in the DEFI world!

Therefore,we need a stable privacy identity. However, if we wait for regulatoryagencies and other identity brokers to provide this service, we maywait forever. More likely, as Balaji Srinivasan advocates, we willbuild a bridge between the individual’s blockchain and Web2identity, so that we don’t have to wait for the involvement of institutions.

We must believe that privacy is the missing piece of the DeFi puzzle,and whether it is DeFi or CeFi, privacy is just needed. MAS is amulti-dimensional private key encryption algorithm protocol network based on the underlying Ethereum public chain. The full name of MASis Multi-dimensional algorithm secret protocol, which is well-knownin the public chain industry for protecting the privacy of assetdata. It is the world’s first platform based on paillier homomorphic encryption algorithm, proxy re-encryption (PRE), multi-layerencryption protocol, supports smart contract operation and realizesprivacy protection. The protocol is based on the Substrate framework,which is easy to use and secure, providing complete end-to-endanonymity, high throughput, and high personal-platform privacy interoperability.

MAS uses paillier homomorphic encryption, a non-interactive encryption protocol, to provide scalable and privacy-protected transactions andexchanges. Since paillier is a code-based solution, we have theadvantages of flexibility and speed, and can get the best user experience in a decentralized exchange: safe and fast.

Asthe first DEFI system implemented with a decentralized privacyprotection scheme, MAS has a self-evident market value. First of all,the project is progressing well in terms of technology. Recently, MASannounced that it has launched a public test network, including astaking network stress test. At the same time, the project’sincentive test network is expected to be launched in 2021, and themain network is expected to go live in the first quarter of 2022.

The meaning of MAS——Privacy-the most important unicorn in the DEFI world!

What is the current use of MAS?

MAS is mainly constructed based on secret protocols, namely, privatepayment and on-chain management of decentralized assets.

MAS’secret agreement guarantees complete anonymity throughout the transaction. The price formation method of decentralized privacytoken contract casting is consistent with mainstream AMM. In the future, products such as synthetic asset stablecoins will also be developed with MAS as the core.

Theo fficial plan is to further expand the MAS secret agreement to coverall types of asset privacy lending agreements. This is adecentralized non-custodial privacy lending platform where users canmake anonymous deposits and make private currency loans on theplatform. And the future development to the decentralized privacy synthetic asset protocol and other DeFi services.

How does MAS realize privacy and confidentiality?

In financial applications using the MAS system, transactions can achievea high degree of privacy. If you choose privacy, users cannot inquireabout anyone’s capital volume, capital flow and other information.Without disclosing confidential information, the system can guaranteethe traceability of transactions. The dual requirements of privacyand security are fulfilled here. At the same time, in order toenhance privacy, the MAS system has its own “confusiontransaction” service, which guarantees both privacy and security. The purpose is to greatly reduce the traceability of transactions and transfers.

MAS is one of the very few public chain projects that took the lead inthe field of blockchain to have landing cooperation inenterprise-level service scenarios. Many industries are trying tocombine with blockchain technology, and digital transformation israpidly advancing globally. MAS’ privacy protocol attributes canassist in the construction of large-scale financial networks. MAS’global operations will help accelerate the creation of a new industrystandard for secure financial transactions. With the continuousadvancement of strategic cooperation, MAS will further expand itsinfluence in the financial field, and community traffic will also bemuch higher than most blockchain projects. This will be an important support for the future development of the MAS community.

The trustlessness of MAS is ensured by trusted hardware (currently Intel). Traditional independent hardware has two disadvantages. Oneis that the service is stopped when the power is unplugged, which cannot meet instant availability; the other is that multiple trusted computing nodes Different code execution sequence during interaction will lead to conditional competition, and the correctness cannot be guaranteed.

Trusted hardware can achieve composability by introducing layering and event traceability. In other words, MAS separates the read and writ eoperations of the contract. The layering can realize the independencebetween the layers. The downtime of miners will not affect thenetwork, and security can be guaranteed. Event traceability storesthe events that trigger the state change in the unavailable In the changed log, any changes will be recorded, and the blockchain will also be responsible for verifying each operation of the miner, so the state consistency can be guaranteed

The development potential of the MAS project cannot be underestimated. Itbreaks the restriction that all data of the smart contract must bedisclosed. Users can safely store the key in the contract. Thecontract can flexibly verify the user’s identity and then release thekey. From then on, the user does not need to worry about the secret.The key is lost.

While ensuring encrypted storage, MAS also realizes cross-chain andcross-confidential contract interaction in the blockchain, which canbetter provide a more reasonable solution for public chains, alliance chains, or other data exchange services.

MAS’rights and interests structure (partial)

After MAS AMM goes online, the mining of AMM governance tokens will also be started, and transaction users, liquidity providers, MAS pledge andproxy nodes, cross-chain bridge users and specific Ethereum Defi project users can all receive rewards. AMM is online or users can realize anonymous asset transactions.

It is worth noting that in addition to guaranteeing anonymity, MAS AMM also completely avoids the risk of Front Run. Front Run is a very common arbitrage method on Ethereum. When trading on AMM, we usuallyset a certain slippage. Many arbitrage robots are watching everytransaction in the market, but the transaction When the allowable slippage is too large, for example, when the user wants to buy anasset, the arbitrage robot will initiate two transactions. The firstone is the same as the high gas to achieve preemptive packaging, theuser buys first, and the other sells after the user To rob users. InMAS AMM, because the input and output of each transaction are notvisible, there is no room for arbitrage robots to run away.

The meaning of MAS——Privacy-the most important unicorn in the DEFI world!

Privacy calculations like MAS are precisely aimed at data privacy issues inscenarios such as data exchange and data sharing. It can complete the required data analysis while ensuring data security. This track isjust getting started and deserves our attention. .

A message to investors: Investment is not an easy task, and I believethat for most of them, it is by no means an easy task. Before you decide to buy this coin, you have to figure out how long you can takeit, how long you are going to take it, how much increase and decrease can you accept, and when can you sell it? These are best decided before you invest. Don’t wait for you to buy it. You can’t bearto stop the profit if it rises, and you can’t bear to stop the lossif it loses. The investment is rational, and it is unavoidable that there are emotional factors in deciding after buying it. Finally, I wish everyone can grow in this field and obtain continuous benefits.


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