Emperor blue ecological public chain, to create the third world super intelligent city 2.0 pioneer

With the continuous progress of society, the continuous development of science and technology, the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the continuous diversification of demand, the global intelligent construction is imperative. According to the data, there are thousands of smart cities in the world. The market size is expected to be 700 billion US dollars in 2023. In order to promote the rapid development of intelligent city, the perfect use of block chain technology and unique characteristics, Di Lan chain came into being.

Emperor blue ecological public chain, to create the third world super intelligent city 2.0 pioneer

DiLan Chain —— Building Distributed Bottom Data Public Chain Based on Block Chain

Di Lan chain is a distributed underlying data public chain based on block chain technology such as decentralization, intelligent contract ,5 G、AI and so on. It will be used as the bottom data network of the whole city to build the new era city complex and the benchmark of the third world intelligent city reform. By means of the commercial ecological model, the urban infrastructure is accelerated, and the urban development is taken as the landing application scene of the data public chain, the virtual economy and the real economy are combined, and the new era urban complex is built with the Thai cave. Based on block chain to create distributed underlying data public chain —— imperial blue chain.

Emperor blue ecological public chain, to create the third world super intelligent city 2.0 pioneer


Emperor’s Blue Chain ——LOGO Meaning

Emperor blue chain LOGO is a three-dimensional sphere formed by the bending of blue ribbons, which can be regarded as the abstract expression of the earth. It is the cooperation wise city and a future city-state that cooperation is complementary and closely dependent. It has this United, friendly and vibrant blue earth, highlighting the inherent characteristics of the project. The main tone technology and power, is a new machine, is vitality, but also the future expression. Only the most advanced science and technology, can continue to lead development, to undertake the future brilliant outbreak.

Emperor blue ecological public chain, to create the third world super intelligent city 2.0 pioneer


China’s third world TBlue—— China’s rights and interests in urbanization

A total circulation of 300 million TBlue coins, of which 12 million were pre-dug by the technical development team as mother coins,


The remaining 288 million pieces were mined in 5 years in 20 phases, decreasing every three months.


Through the most unique mining model, giving all contributors 2.5-3 times more revenue, over time, Token will become less and less scarce, and as smart city construction becomes more and more popular, Token demand is increasing. Future value can be aligned with mainstream currency, known as the next bitcoin, once released by the global media.


TBlue can be used as payment tools, proof of equity, value incentive, transaction fee fuel and so on. it can also be widely used in public services, environmental management, hotels, tourism, entertainment, games, e-sports, VR、information communications, instant messaging, digital asset exchanges, third party payments and other scenarios of settlement payments.


TBlue——LOGO of the Emperor’s Blue


Token LOGO is a positive and negative “7” formed by the T form, as the platform’s only circulation voucher.


T form is the most simplified expression of the TOKEN in the digital age. T form is invisible, everywhere, carrying the whole platform, under the platform, integrating countless user consensus, above the platform, circulation infinite value future.

Emperor blue ecological public chain, to create the third world super intelligent city 2.0 pioneer


Blue chain —— the global giant strong alliance, future value vane


The blue chain is built by BSV founder, Mr. Aubencong, BSV original team and the world’s top investment capital. Established and launched the Blue Chain by a well-known liquidity provider —— Caesar Entertainment,The joint support of quantum fund and bridge water fund. Caesar Entertainment, Quantum Fund and Bridge Water Fund all have more than $80 million in asset management and are one of the largest liquidity providers in the market.


The current Di Lan chain embedded in the OTC portal, to provide users with more than 25 tokens of the OTC off-site quotation services, allowing users to deposit any mainstream currency, the main selling points are instant premium, chain trading price difference, zero hand renewal, quick settlement, no minimum trading volume limit. Di Lan chain has its own R & D, supply, distribution of online cross-border shopping mall, can be carried out in the global digital encryption assets of the characteristics of shopping, but also in Cambodia’s West Port and Phnom Penh casinos for play and travel preferential use.


At the same time, the blue chain has the world’s top DAPP development system, all kinds of platform projects can be stationed in the blue chain or based on platform development, basic services supporting, mature support system, independent operation and mutual cooperation, data security, Resource sharing, open source code global sharing, overseas station model mature.

Emperor blue ecological public chain, to create the third world super intelligent city 2.0 pioneer


Emperor blue chain —— comprehensive application landing, create a huge value space

The Blue Chain Public Chain plans to create a full-court scenic block chain financial asset value trading ecology, in insurance,Digital assets, supply chain finance, trade financing, wealth management, equity trading and other six scenarios brought in the Chain public chain technology structure of the new format, to create a new generation of intelligent city 2.0 value system. Through the blockchain technology, the business process is all chained, and each participant, the participants in the environment and each organization can obtain the required information on the blockchain technology.

Emperor blue ecological public chain, to create the third world super intelligent city 2.0 pioneer

At the same time, the blue chain can be based on individuals, enterprises, developers have different extended application scenarios, and then radiate into the lives of thousands of households, stealthily become the most valuable digital assets recognized in the world.


Individuals: cross-border exchange, convenient payment, shopping, social and so on;

Enterprises: e-commerce, liquidity income, fast payment, bilateral liquidation, marketing


Developers: application development, application access, code editing, data docking, model building;


Di Lan chain ——Defi Decentralized Financial Guide


DeFi is decentralized finance, the abbreviation of English Decentralized Finance, and the traditional centralized financial system. The blue chain will be developed through smart contracts, all contract codes are fully open source, cross-chain decentralized finance (DeFi) based on Cosmos lending agreements, and through community voting, TBlue became the first collateral asset to join the blue chain DeFi platform.


Cross-chain DeFi technology solves the problem of transferring assets from one decentralized system to another, and can provide a robust and efficient asset regeneration and subsequent distribution for the larger market value capital market


The solution, at the same time, through Stafi to solve the liquidity problem, and with the speed of dealmaking up to 500 transactions per second, become the Defi decentralization of financial leaders, but also become an essential value chain in the Defi.


Blue Chain —— Pioneer of Wisdom City 2.0

With its strong background, strong financial capacity, a wide range of community preachers, and a large area of publicity from hundreds of top media around the world, including enabling entities, landing entities, serving society, chain reform, diversified application scenarios and various unique advantages, it is bound to become the brightest black horse in 2021. Also destined to become a new generation of world-class value digital assets, become the most influential Di Lan community, so that every preacher will become the pride of the times and the forerunner of wealth ,2021 future, Di Lan chain deserves your expectation.

Emperor blue ecological public chain, to create the third world super intelligent city 2.0 pioneer


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