Gold farming studios’ new favorite: Savior!

Studio: Orchha

Guest: Jaipur (Orchha’s partner)

Gold farming studios’ new favorite: Savior!

  1. Could you tell us what this studio is?

Jaipur: Orchha is a game society focused on the metaverse ecosystem. It helps investors pool assets and bet on NFT games to make profits and share them with the community of supporters. The current focus of Orchha is gaming NFTs. It offers hardware and software technical support and is a pioneer in in-game earnings. It was established in India and will incorporate North American and Eastern European communities the team members come from.

Gold farming studios’ new favorite: Savior!

  1. Why was this studio created?

Jaipur: In the first half of this year, the metaverse became a trending concept. The degree of FOMO has been unprecedented. It started with the game Axie Infinity that showed broad prospects of blockchain games. Metaverse and blockchain games turned out to fit each other naturally, which pushed blockchain games to a new high. Inspired by Axie Infinity, we started to incubate game studios and provide comprehensive technical solutions, including API, VPN, technical modules, wallet support, IGO, DeFi liquidity tools, hardware configuration, in-game props trading, etc., needed to bring players together and let them monetize the time spent gaming.


  1. What blockchain games does your studio follow?

Jaipur: Axie Infinity, CyberDragon, Farmers World, Splinterlands, and more.

Gold farming studios’ new favorite: Savior!

  1. Could you tell us a bit about them?

Jaipur: Axie Infinity is a blockchain game by the Vietnamese company Sky Mavis. Like many blockchain games, Axie Infinity is a digital-pet world inspired by Pokémon. Players can fight against fantastic creatures Axies, raise them as pets, and trade them. Anyone can get token rewards for their skilled playing and contribution to the ecosystem.

CyberDragon is a new game on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is about popular dungeons and warriors. Players can create characters, complete various challenges, improve character levels, and get assets and highest-grade equipment.

Farmers World is the first farming game for NFT platforms. Players can choose the right tools, explore resources, buy land to build huge farms, and have unlimited fun working in the game ecosystem.

Splinterlands is a multiplayer collectible card trading game. It looks like a Pokémon card game mixed with World of Warcraft characters. The game world has a mysterious development story. It runs on Steem blockchain that provides fast transactions and full transparency. Players conquer the world or complete tasks.


  1. Do these games have any similarities?


  • they adopt the Play to Earn design where players can make money;
  • they have well-designed game interfaces. The experience is so much better than that of most blockchain games. They have loyal players all over the world;
  • most of them adopt a dual-token economy and distributed huge airdrops before the release;
  • they integrate NFTs and trading and have a higher expansion potential.


  1. Can you recommend any good blockchain games that have appeared recently?

Jaipur: I came across SAVIOR. It is developed by a Vietnamese team that has a long history with blockchain. It launches at the end of the month. Their gamedev lead has participated in production of many major games, including Nezha: I Am the Destiny. We have enough experience in games and blockchain to see that they have a good appreciation logic.

Gold farming studios’ new favorite: Savior!

  1. Why do you recommend it?

Jaipur: The team behind SAVIOR improved the basic economic model of Axie Infinity. Their dual-token model adds more consumption scenarios both for governance tokens and in-game tokens, which is favorable for the token prices.

Their model also includes two types of NFTs: characters and weapons. Character NFTs serve as the game ticket, ensure the game’s value, and help attract more community members. Upgraded NFT weapons preserve their respective value. This dual-NFT model can balance the ecosystem better.

What’s more, they have the innovative NFT lending platform. It brings together retail investors, gold farmers, and NFT users and meets their needs. Users who have multiple NFTs can issue loans just by filling in the term in days and the split ratio. Gold farming studios and retail investors who have free time can take farming orders and get a respective labor ratio. The needs of both big investors and ordinary retail investors are covered.

We think SAVIOR could lead a new wave.

Gold farming studios’ new favorite: Savior!

  1. What are the prospects of blockchain games?

Jaipur: We are very positive about the blockchain game industry. Look at the data. In October, an average of 1M+ unique active wallets (UAW) was connected to gaming DApps every day. It’s 55% of the whole blockchain industry activity. As the interest in metaverse has surged, the virtual-world games have been performing well. The popular titles like Axie Infinity and Splinterlands are in the top. Venture capital started to pour in. In October alone, USD 120M+ was invested in platforms related to blockchain games. The overall state of the blockchain game industry is better than ever.

Gold farming studios’ new favorite: Savior!


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