Koala Arithmetic Mining Platform version 2.0 is launched, opening a number of financial services

With the continuous development of the digital currency industry, mining, as a level 0 market, allows investors to obtain the most primitive digital currency, thus becoming the most upstream of the entire industry chain. When the price of digital currency grows rapidly, miners can also obtain high and stable income from it, and mining machines and mining farms can also be used as fixed assets. These benefits make mining more and more investors’ choice.

However, the addition of more people will eventually lead to fierce competition. With the rising cost of electricity and labor, a large number of miners will experience tight cash flow. Not only that, the market has been in a downward trend recently, which means that the income of miners holding coins will continue to decrease. If the price of coins is lower than the “shutdown price”, miners are likely to lose money.

Koala Arithmetic Mining Platform version 2.0 is launched, opening a number of financial services

As an upstream mining industry, it faces many challenges. How to hedge this part of the risk, ensure the income of miners, and promote the sustainable development of the industry is an urgent problem that needs to be solved now. In this context, Koala Arithmetic Mining Platform version 2.0 was launched, opened a number of financial services, and used mining + financial tools to protect the rights of miners.

For miners, what they care most about is stable income and returns, and the combination of financial tools and mining can well achieve this goal.

For miners, what they care most about is stable income and returns. Koala Arithmetic Mining Platform solves these problems very well through financial tools such as pledge and lending.

  1. Cryptocurrency mortgage: When the currency price falls, miners can obtain liquidity by mortgaged digital currency to borrow, so as to be able to pay the cost, expand production, etc.; when the currency price starts to rise, miners can redeem the mortgaged coins, thereby improving the utilization rate of funds.
  2. Fast transaction: Combining mining and financial tools, Koala connects the mining pool with the transaction channel. After successful mining, miners can conduct fast transactions, so that miners can obtain stable, timely and safe income.
  3. Hedging: When mining in a bear market, what many miners worry about most is that the coin has not been dug out, and the coin price keeps falling. What Koala uses is to sell the coins mined in the future at the current price, and then repay the coins in the future to lock the mining income. Hedging is such a financial tool.
  4. Financial services: For miners with low risk appetite, when they mine coins, they may be more inclined to stabilize income and returns. Therefore, Koala adopts currency-based financial tools to meet the needs of such miners, and idle digital currency can purchase fixed-income low-risk products to obtain corresponding benefits.
  5. Custody and leasing services: As a digital asset, koala adopts custody and leasing services, which can help reduce the risk of asset theft and excessive investment pressure.

Overall, the integration of financial instruments and the mining industry has great benefits, both for individual miners and for the entire mining industry. With the derivation and development of more financial instruments, it is believed that Koala Arithmetic Mining Platform will have more innovative financial products in the future to help miners keep their profits and open a new era of digital mining.